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Electors of Aberdeen

This poster urges the electorate to vote for the Tory Provost James Hadden.


Most Potent, Grave, and Reverend Electors of Aberdeen

Satirical Reform poster poking fun at Provost Hadden's expense account.


Mr Bannerman and his pledged voters

This poster takes the form of an open letter to the editor of the Aberdeen Observer, and questions Mr Bannerman's credentials and ability to serve as MP.


Aberdeen City Election

James Hadden, the Tory candidate, withdrew his candidacy in the 1832 election. The Whig, Alexander Bannerman, was duly elected.


Bannerman and Reform for Ever

In this poster, the Tory opposition suggest that Alexander Bannerman, the Whig candidate in the 1832 election, is no Friend of the People.


The Rise and Fall of the Hadden Family

A brief biography of the Hadden Family dynasty. Lord Provost James Hadden was the Tory candidate for Aberdeen in the 1832 election. He withdrew, and Alexander Bannerman was elected.


Sir Thomas Blaikie

The Blaikie Family were important players in Aberdeen Town Council. Sir Thomas Blaikie was Lord Provost on more than one occasion.


Radical Rhymes

The Chartist, John Mitchell, published and sold his own work. Each of these three poems has a strongly Chartist sentiment.


A Collection of Original Music

Not only was James Daniel a writer and printer, he was also a composer and a Tory. This collection of music is based on Aberdeen and its social life. Daniel dedicated one of the pieces to Sir Michael Bruce, who stood as a candidate for Aberdeenshire in the 1832 elections.


The Working-Man's Newspaper

The Working-Man's Newspaper was a short-lived publication of the 1870s which was owned by workers. In the editorial to the first number, the editorial board pointed out that the philosophy of the publication was to support the working class to the best of its ability. They stated that their politics...


The Working-Man's Newspaper

The Working-Man's Newspaper first appeared in November 1873. It was run by a co-operative and hoped to become a successful medium of information for the working class. Unfortunately, they ran into printing problems by the second issue, which was printed in Glasgow. This proved too costly a method of...


The Quizzing Glass

The Quizzing Glass was a short-lived publication from the mid-1830s, produced by the Aberdeen printer, John Watt. Watt, who produced political pamphlets, took a Radical viewpoint.


The Clarion, Election Supplement

The Clarion was a weekly Socialist paper which ran between 1891 and 1931, covering the whole of Britain. The first page of this Election Supplement is specific to the forthcoming Aberdeen By-Election held in 1907. The paper is backing the Socialist candidate, Fred Bramley, who was to come third in the...


Notes on the members of Parliament for the Burgh of...

These excerpts provide brief biographies of Aberdeen Members of Parliament between 1820 and 1886.


Municipal Affairs in Aberdeen 1838 - 1888

These excerpts come from a record of municipal affairs in Aberdeen since the Burgh Reform Act was passed in 1833.

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