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Further Reading

If you have enjoyed looking at the items on this site, you may be interested in some of the following publications. Most of them are available through Aberdeen University Library.

Brotherstone, T & Withrington, D J

The City and its Worlds Aspects of Aberdeen’s History since 1794
Aberdeen 1996

Buckley, K D

Trade Unionism in Aberdeen 1878-1900
Edinburgh 1955

Carter, I

Farm life in Northeast Scotland, 1840-1914: The Poor Man’s Country
Glasgow 1979

Derry, J W

The Radical Tradition: Tom Paine to Lloyd George

Diack, W

History of the Trades Council and the Trade Union Movement in Aberdeen
Aberdeen 1939

Duncan, R

Popular Radicalism and Working-Class Politics in Aberdeen, c. 1790-1850
Unpublished M.Litt. Thesis
Aberdeen University 1976

Duncan, R

James Leatham (1865-1945)
Aberdeen 1978

Duncan, R

in Brotherstone, T (editor)

Chartism in Aberdeen: Radical Politics and Culture 1838-48
Covenant, Charter and Party
Aberdeen 1989

Dyer, M

Men of Property and Intelligence: The Scottish Electoral System prior to 1884
Aberdeen 1996

Dyer, M

Capable Citizens and Improvident Democrats: The Scottish Electoral System, 1885-1929
Aberdeen 1996

Fenton, A

The Turra Coo
Aberdeen 1989

Fraser, W H & Lee, C H (editors)

Aberdeen 1800-2000: A New History
East Linton 2000

Leneman, L

The Women’s Suffrage Movement in the North of Scotland
Northern Scotland
11, 1981

Leneman, L

A Guid Cause, The Women’s Suffrage Movement in Scotland
Aberdeen 1991

Moore, L

Feminists and Femininity: A case study of WSPU propaganda and local response at a Scottish by-election

Phipps, C M W

The Aberdeen Trades Council and Politics, 1900-1939: The Development of the Local Labour Party in Aberdeen
Unpublished M.Litt. Thesis
Aberdeen University, 1980

Wilson, A

The Chartist Movement in Scotland
Manchester 1970

Wright, L

Scottish Chartism
Edinburgh 1953

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