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The Voice of Radicalism


Throughout the 19th and early 20th century, the right to vote was gradually extended to most of the population.

The Voice of Radicalism looks at how people in the North East of Scotland campaigned for this right. This struggle started in the 1800s, at a time when councillors and members of parliament elected themselves. Corruption was rife. We trace the actions and reactions of the local population in each of the stages passed along the way.

The Voice of Radicalism is a learning and research resource suitable for anyone with an interest in politics and its history, and the North East of Scotland and its history.

You can access a collection of manuscript and printed letters and texts, images and audio excerpts, created and sourced by our partners or ourselves.

A wealth of material is available:

  • Introductory commentaries on various aspects of the site
  • A look at individuals, events and issues around parliamentary representation in North East Scotland
  • A comprehensive database which charts the progress of peoples’ right to vote
  • An explanation of the place of Radicalism in politics
  • Excerpts covering the entire period
  • Examples of rare pamphlets, bills, proclamations, posters and letters
  • Articles from short-lived periodicals and newspapers
  • Audio examples of 19 th century political ballads

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