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Radical Demonstration

The top article which appeared in The Aberdeen Shaver, a satirical newspaper, mentions the huge radical demonstration held at the Links, Aberdeen on 16th August 1838. However, the writer is more concerned with satirizing the sentiments of the meeting and the participants themselves, than reporting what...


Radical Demonstration the Greater

This paragraph, which appeared in The Aberdeen Shaver, a satirical newspaper, refers to a huge radical demonstration held at the Links, Aberdeen on 25th August 1838. The writer's main concern is satire. The Shaver was against teetotalism, and slants the bulk of this paragraph towards that. Aberdeen....


Agitations of the Month

The editor of the Aberdeen Shaver takes a satirical look at popular demonstrations occuring in Aberdeen in January and February 1839. Chartism had taken hold in Aberdeen by this time, but as it was well connected with the Temperance Movement, The Shaver did not approve!


The Coming Election

The writer discusses the merits, or otherwise, of the candidates in the three Aberdeen wards, in the forthcoming local election.


Peterhead Poll Book, Spring 1924

The Peterhead Poll Book, Spring 1924, lists electors in the Burgh of Peterhead in alphabetical order. The letter in front of a name (P or L) indicates that the voter was entitled to vote in a Parliamentary (P) or a Local (L) election only.


Extract from the Town Clerk's Roll, October 1847

This extract from the Town Clerk's Roll, shows how people voted. an 'F' beside someone's name indicates that they voted for Alexander Dingwall Fordyce, Tory candidate and ex-city councillor. An 'S' indicates that Colonel Sykes was the recipient of the vote. Fordyce was elected.


List of Electors for Eight Commissioners of Police

This pamphlet lists the names and occupations of all those entitled to vote in the city elections for the police commissioners. To be eligible to vote in this election, a prospective elector had to be paying an annual rent of 5.00. The candidates, in order to be eligible to stand, had to pay an annual...


Excerpts from Aberdeen Liberal Assocation Report of...

These excerpts show how during 1883, the Aberdeen Liberal Association saw a substantial increase in its membership. Membership subscriptions varied according to how much the member earned. The Association were delighted with the increase in membership amongst the working class. The report refers to Gladstone's...


Excerpts from Aberdeen Liberal Association Report of...

This excerpt from the Aberdeen Liberal Association's 1891 report mentions a demonstration at the Music Hall in Aberdeen. Herbert Asquith, at that time Liberal MP for East Fife, spoke in support of abolishing the House of Lords.


Excerpts from Aberdeen Liberal Association Report of...

This excerpt from the 1896 Aberdeen Liberal Association Report refers to the Association's merger with the Scottish Women's Liberal Federation. The Liberal Association were not in favour of women's suffrage.


Excerpts from Aberdeen Liberal Association's Annual...

These excerpts from the Liberal Association's 1903 Annual Report refer to the Women's Branch. Rules and a list of subscriptions are included.


Prospectus for the Workers' Herald

This prospectus was published in advance of the first edition of the Workers' Herald. It states that the new newspaper will be dedicated to Socialism, and that it is in favour of shorter working hours, nationalization of industry, town and city councils as landlords, and municipal public transport. Amongst...


The Workers' Herald. A Socialist Weekly

This article is the first in a series published by the Workers' Herald on 'Men who are not Socialists'. It refers to the Duke of Hamilton, his business interests, his castles and how much he earns through the labourers and miners in Lanarkshire. The point of the article is that the Duke is extremely...


Socialist Pamphlet advertisement appearing in The Workers'...

These adverts which appeared The Workers' Herald, show how a major theme of socialism was education. Socialists were encouraged to read, learn and educate themselves.


Men who are not Socialists, The Clergy

An article by the leading Socialist, J Bruce Glasier, about why clergymen are not Socialists.

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