Learn computer programming skills

Programming is a digital skill which has many applications from creating websites and apps, to designing games, managing data, building software, conducting research or connecting all the back-end systems that help these programs perform tasks and deliver services. There are multiple languages you can learn, and which language you choose will depend on your interests or what you want to achieve.

Front end web developers will normally use a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build the web pages or apps that a user will see. While at the backend, developers utilise languages such as Python, SQL, Ruby or Java to help run the various services on a site, server or system.

Programming skills can also be used in research to collect, calculate and visualise data, in video game production, visual effects and more.

This resource will introduce you to key concepts and ideas in computer programming, and in the Links section you can find learning platforms recommended by experts in the University's Web Team.

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Last updated on 22 April 2022