International: Incoming Students

For international students studying at UoA

This resource is aimed at international students looking for information on studying in Aberdeen. If you are a current student and would like information on study abroad options please see International outgoing students webpages.

The University of Aberdeen takes pleasure in welcoming students from all around the world and has numerous opportunities for visiting Erasmus, study abroad and exchange students.

The University has welcomed visiting students for over four decades and has a dedicated team to assist you through the entire process, from the initial application.

The University is fully semesterised, which means you can study at Aberdeen for the fall semester (September-December), spring semester (January-May) or a full academic year.

Most of our undergraduate courses are available to visiting study abroad students. As a large research-intensive university with over 600 degree programmes, students easily find courses that match their academic interests and fulfil requirements of their home university.

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Last updated on 22 February 2023