Help with MyCurriculum - Take Clashing Course

Frequently Asked Questions

This may be because:

  • you do not hold the pre-requisites for the course. Use the Catalogue of Courses to find out what the pre-requisites for the course are.
  • you are not studying at the correct level to take the course. For example: you are a level 1 student and the course is open only to students in level 2, or you are a level 3 student and the course is open only to students in levels 1 or 2;
  • the course does not timetable with earlier course selections you have made. You can use our Clash Checker to see if there are lecture clashes but remember MyCurriculum performs a more thorough check, including available tutorial slots, so it may not be possible for you to take the course.

What should I do?

Either :-

  • choose a different course in place of the option you are looking for, or
  • change your optional course selections – by removing a course at a time, and checking to see if the option you wish to take now appears in the drop-down lists. This will allow you to see which courses are clashing and help you decide which mix of optional courses to select.

… but there really is no other optional course I would like to take, what should I do?

The University, for academic reasons, does not recommend that students take clashing courses. If you believe you have an exceptional circumstance and wish to apply to take a clashing course, please click the "No, I need more help" button at the bottom of this page. In answer to the question “What do you need help with?” choose “Take Clashing Course” from the drop down list.

Please Note there is no guarantee that you will be given permission and you should look for alternative courses to study should your request be refused.

Yes, that solved my problem I need more help