Course Overlays 2020/21

About this tool: The course overlay tool should only be used for guidance. It allows you to check that the lectures for your chosen optional courses can timetable with the lectures for your mandatory courses. It does not provide a definitive answer on whether a student can choose a given course combination. In some cases you will be able to take both courses, even if there is a clash. Similarly, courses that do not clash in the course overlay tool might not be a valid combination e.g. due to pre-requisites, or where there are clashes between classes for that course, e.g. seminars, tutorials, practicals etc. When you are choosing your courses within MyCurriculum this performs a detailed clash-check and will only let you see courses where there is at least one available set of classes you can take.

Class Times: Please note that the class times displayed are in your computer's local timezone. To view UK class times, please make sure your computer's timezone is set to London/UK.