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The Lovat Scouts, The Kirrie Kebbuck. page 1 of 2

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The Lovat Scouts, The Kirrie Kebbuck. page 1 of 2
ID JSS0705
Title The Lovat Scouts, The Kirrie Kebbuck. page 1 of 2
Document Reference LO 780.89 SK3
Format 250 x 300 mm
Medium Printed Music sheet
Item Type Printed Collection
Subject Scottish Music, Quickstep & Strathspey
Item Description The Lovat Scouts is a lively quickstep, which Skinner wrote in the bagpipe idiom - note the little grace notes in the main part. The simple accompaniment is very much in his style. He adds a variation in his inimitable fashion! Click on the audio link below (cd28a) to listen to Skinner playing it. The Kirrie Kebbuck was a large cheese that the Laird o' Thrums (A MacPherson) cut up with a saw. It is possible to imagine him doing this in time to the music! Click on cd25b to hear Skinner's recording.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Arranger James Scott Skinner
Publisher Bayley & Ferguson
Time Period 1880's - 1900's
Associated Dates: Publication 1920s
Relationships JSS0237, JSS0704, JSS0706
Location Aberdeen Central Library
Collection Name Scott Skinner Album
Copyright copyright_abdnlib.shtml
Audio Note this link will open another window so you can view the music and listen to the tune cd205b cd208a


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