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The High Level

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The High Level
ID JSS0619
Title The High Level
Document Reference MS3088
Format 238 x 300 mm
Medium Handwritten music on lined sheet
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Scottish Music, Hornpipe
Item Description Manuscript, in Gavin Greig's hand, of the first tune on page 136 in Skinner's Harp and Claymore Collection. The High Level hornpipe was written by 'Jamie [James] Hill', best-known for this type composition. He was probably born in Dundee, but spent most of his life in Gateshead, by Newcastle-on-Tyne. This is the final draft, the copy used by the printers when they set the music for publication. Click on the audio link to hear Skinner playing it.
Creator Hill
Creator Manuscript Gavin Greig
Time Period 1800 - 1900's
Associated Dates: Manuscript c.1900
Related Images MS2726
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Harp & Claymore (Argo)
Audio Note this link will open another window so you can view the music and listen to the tune cd121a


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