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O Bessy Bell, and Mary Gray

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O Bessy Bell, and Mary Gray
ID JSS0558
Title O Bessy Bell, and Mary Gray
Document Reference Hend inst Urb s
Format 228 x 320 mm
Medium Printed Music sheet
Item Type Printed Collection
Subject Scottish Music, Arrangement of Song
Item Description This page shows an arrangement of the Scots song, O Bessy Bell and Mary Gray, by the Italian composer, Urbani. The top part, from volume 5, is the violin accompaniment for the melody, not given here. The cello bass line (from volume 6) is on the last three staves. Words of this Scottish ballad became part (no. 201) of the 'Child Ballads' collected and published by Harvard Professor Francis James Child in the nineteenth century. In the song, both girls died of the plague.
Creator Urbani
Editor Urbani
Arranger Urbani
Time Period late 18th to early 19th century
Associated Dates: Publication 1804
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name A Selection of Scots Songs, vol 5 & 6


University of Aberdeen

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