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Title page, Daniel Dow's Reells and Strathspeys

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Title page, Daniel Dow's Reells & Strathspeys
ID JSS0529
Title Title page, Daniel Dow's Reells & Strathspeys
Document Reference Hend inst Dow t
Format 251 x 170 mm
Medium Printed page
Item Type Printed Collection
Subject Scottish Music, Reels & Strathspeys
Item Description Daniel Dow's (1732-1783) first published collection. A fiddler, composer, teacher, concert organiser, Dow was b. Kirkmichael, Perthshire, d. Edinburgh. This collection of 'Thirty-seven' of his own compositions (c. 1776), appeared eight years before any from the more famous fiddler Niel Gow. Dow also published a fascinating Collection of Ancient Scots Music 'consisting of ports, salutations, marches or pibrachs [piobaireachd - the classical music of the Great Highland Bagpipe]', Edinburgh: n.d. [1778]. In the latter he recorded some of the music known to Irish musician Rorie Dall O' Caithean, harper to several titled Scottish families. The copy here has been used for research; the date and place of Dows's death has been written underneath, in an unknown hand, probably in the 19th century.
Creator Daniel Dow
Publisher J Brysson, Edinburgh
Time Period 1750s-1780s
Relationships JSS0530, JSS0531
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Thirty Seven New Reels & Strathspeys for the Violin, Harpsichord, Piano Forte or German Flute, composed by Daniel Dow


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