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Page 1 of 2, Union Quadrilles

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Page 1 of 2, Union Quadrilles
ID JSS0495
Title Page 1 of 2, Union Quadrilles
Document Reference MS 3088
Format 165 x 256 mm
Medium Handwritten Manuscript
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Dance, Union
Item Description This excerpt is from a series of notebooks compiled by Skinner and his own dance teacher, William Scott. The notebooks were published under the title, A Guide to Fashionable Dancing. Each figure has a 'nationality'. Union. 1. Scotch. First and fourth ladies change places - second and third ladies same - first and fourth gents change places - second and third gentlemen same - first and fourth couples, and second and third couples advance at corners, retire and promenade to places. Set to partners - and turn - promenade - [Repeat. 2. French - Four ladies advance to centre and turn - four gentlemen same - repeat - hands eight half round - ladies turn - gentlemen turn - first and second couples return to places, first couple leading through the second - third and fourth couples same, third couple leading through the fourth - Hands eight round. [Repeat. 3. Irish [The top and third couples face eachother, and the second and fourth couples face each other.] Right and left all round figure, till in your places - top and opposite couples advance - retire - advance - and hands four all round - ladies across and back - chassez into partners places and back again. [Repeat. [Note:] In press and speedily will be published 'The Union Quadrilles', on National Airs, by J. Scott Skinner specially arranged for this favourite and unknown [replaced with] neglected set. [Continued at JSS0496].
Creator James Scott Skinner and William Scott
Creator Manuscript James Scott Skinner
Publisher Charles Middleton, Keith
Time Period 1870s-1880s
Associated Dates: Creation c.1883
Associated Dates: Manuscript c.1883
Associated Dates: Publication 1884
Relationships JSS0496
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Dance Notebooks


University of Aberdeen

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