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Long Live the Queen Quadrille CD

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Long Live the Queen Quadrille CD
ID JSS0476
Title Long Live the Queen Quadrille CD
Document Reference MS 3088
Format 165 x 256 mm
Medium Handwritten Manuscript
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Dance, Quadrille, Country Dance
Item Description This excerpt is from a series of notebooks compiled by Skinner and his own dance teacher, William Scott. The notebooks were published under the title, A Guide to Fashionable Dancing. Long live the Queen Quadrille CD [Country Dance] By Mr Scott Skinner, as danced at Balmoral. Music - 16 bars of any 6/8 Quadrille fig: for Promenade and (1) Bonnie Wood o' Craigie Lea, (2) God bless the Prince, (3) Auld Lang syne & God save the Queen as chausses,all in Key of G major. Arrangement Same as for a Quadrille 8 couples (/S) All full promenade top & bottom couples Full promenade - side couples do Then form four stars as under: [arrangement of couples shown]. Count eight each way crossing with right and left hand [the rest of the arrangement of couples is illustrated], and introduce chaines (1) then repeat from (/S) 2nd time introducing chorus (2). 3rd time chorus (3) after which all the ladies join hands in centre & all Gentlemen do. encircling them all sing while standing 'God save our Gracious Queen Long live our noble Queen God save the Queen - All the ladies still join hands galop quickly to left to places. Gents do. to right to places to tune of 'Flowers of Edinburgh - places. All catch their partners & galop quickly to places.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Creator Manuscript James Scott Skinner
Publisher Charles Middleton, Keith
Time Period 1860s
Associated Dates: Creation 1868
Associated Dates: Manuscript c.1883
Associated Dates: Publication 1884
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Dance Notebooks


University of Aberdeen

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