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Page 2 of 3 Letter to David Waterson

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Page 2 of 3 Letter to David Waterson
ID JSS0269
Title Page 2 of 3 Letter to David Waterson
Document Reference x/510/9 (2)
Format 122 x 160 mm
Medium Handwritten letter on plain paper
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Scottish Music, David Waterson
Item Description This letter from Skinner to the artist David Waterson reads: 'The Garden of Roses' A Reverie on my own Garden 50 class Roses!!! My dear Artist Friend, Look into Michie's & see my latest creation. I am bring out a new Piano & VIolin book 2/6. The Aberdeen Collection 100 Old & new tunes right back 150 years not quantity but quality. I feel 30 but I shall be 81 on Aug: 5 thine ever J.Scott Skinner. [He was 77 when he wrote this.]
Creator James Scott Skinner
Creator Manuscript James Scott Skinner
Time Period 1920's
Associated Dates: Manuscript 27 May 1921
Location Angus Archives
Collection Name David Waterson
Copyright copyright_angus.shtml


University of Aberdeen

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