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Letter to James McPherson from J Scott Skinner

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Letter to James McPherson from J Scott Skinner
ID JSS0264
Title Letter to James McPherson from J Scott Skinner
Document Reference x/257/3t
Format 393 x 294 mm
Medium Handwritten letter on plain paper
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Scottish Music, Notes on various
Item Description Undated letter, margins torn, made up of unrelated sections: 'Strathspeys: - great tunes, bluidy nigh 50 years to think out: - (learn) The (Kirrie) Kebbuck (and) Miller o' Hirn'. 'The £10 Fiddle (Spey in) Spate'. 'Did Murray play 'Kebbuck', if so bless his enterprise'. 'Jim, Aldridge, wisely says, 'The man who does not write... is lost. So you will observe that my work is fast co(ming) to the forefront - Learn the Kebbuck Jim it's gre(at)... it's original & natural & you can fill in han'fu's (handfuls) o' 'bro(ken) (c)hords)....' Two small music examples are separated by: 'Mrs S. very poorly Y(ou)rs Ever J. Scott Skinner -'.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Creator Manuscript James Scott Skinner
Time Period 1900s
Location Angus Archives
Copyright copyright_angus.shtml


University of Aberdeen

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