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The Champion March

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The Champion March
ID JSS0068
Title The Champion March
Document Reference MS2726/52
Format 229 x 280 mm
Medium Printed Music sheet with handwritten note
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Scottish Music, March
Item Description 'The Champion March' in two different printed, glued-in versions, in A major, signed at right 'J. Scott Skinner'. The first 16-bar melody is set with a single bass clef accompaniment. Skinner has added 'met[ronome marking]: 112' to the left. The second, 'Var[iation]. version has had the accompaniment cut off. Under the music he wrote 'For Pipe Settings of these Marches see D[avid]. Glen's Coll[ection]: [of Pipe Music] 8 Greenside Lane, Edinburgh [dedicated to] To The Late William Maclennan Champion Piper & Dancer who died in Montreal[.] The composer was a member of his company'. In the Harp and Claymore Skinner changed the last sharp (G) in the key signature to G natural, as he does in a number of other 'Pipe Marches' due to G sharp not being in the pipe scale. The accompaniment also differs, being in octaves rather than the chordal notes as shown here.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Creator Manuscript James Scott Skinner
Time Period 1890's-1900's
Location University of Aberdeen


University of Aberdeen

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