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Bruce's March

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Bruce's March
ID JSS0051
Title Bruce's March
Document Reference MS2726/40
Format 236 x 295 mm
Medium pen & ink on music manuscript paper
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Scottish Music, Scottish Fiddle music, March
Item Description Manuscript of Skinner's Bruce's March, in Gavin Greig's hand, so precise and clear, that the note stems could almost have been made with a ruler. To be played Boldly, the tempo is 112, slightly slower than two marching paces per second. The simple accompaniment consists mostly of octave quavers in the bass. The single virtuoso variation, 'Var. with force', takes up the remaining three single staves. King Robert the Bruce (the title in Skinner's Scottish Violinist, 1900) was Robert I, Earl of Carrick (1274-1329). Bruce had a famous victory against Edward II (the 'Hammer of the Scots') at Bannockburn, near Stirling, in 1314. The character of Bruce appears alongside William Wallace (the 'Scottish Patriot') in the Oscar-winning 1995 film 'Braveheart'.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Creator Manuscript Gavin Greig
Arranger Gavin Greig
Time Period 1890's - 1900's
Associated Dates: Manuscript 1314
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Harp & Claymore


University of Aberdeen

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