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Carnegie's Welcome to Scotland

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Carnegie's Welcome to Scotland
ID JSS0049
Title Carnegie's Welcome to Scotland
Document Reference MS2726/35
Format 248 x299 mm
Medium pen & ink on music manuscript sheet
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Music, Scottish Fiddle music, March
Item Description The title of the 'March Met[metronome marking] Tempo 112 & Breezy' is underlined with blue crayon, and signed 'J Scott Skinner'. at the right. He had planned a variation to be set simply with 'no Bass small notes', but later crossed out the instructions. Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), steel magnate and philanthropist, was briefly the world's richest man. Born in Dunfermline, Scotland, he emigrated to the United States in 1848. He returned to Scotland in 1881, although Skinner's tune may have been written later. Skinner notes that '*Mr Carnegie is the possessor of Macpherson The Freebooters Violin. glorious thing the distribution of wealth'. He continues, along the right page margin, 'The Freebooters 'Claymore' is in Duff House, Banff - The Property of Lord Fife [Lord Braco, the first Earl of Fife]'. James MacPherson, 'The Freebooter' (someone who pillages and plunders), is traditionally supposed to have played the fiddle, and composed his 'Macpherson's Lament' shortly before he was hung for theft in Banff, on the northern coast of Banffshire, in 1700.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Creator Manuscript James Scott Skinner
Arranger James Scott Skinner
Time Period 1890's - 1900's
Associated Dates: Creation 1935
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Harp & Claymore


University of Aberdeen

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