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Bill Dean-Myatt's Discography

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Draft discography by Bill Dean-Myatt

(s/s) = single sided
(cyl) = phonograph cylinder

Scott Skinner, violin with unknown piano
Recorded Glasgow, September 1899 (between 4th. & 14th.)

3597 The Athol Highlanders – quick step; Reel o’ Tulloch Berliner 7930(7")(s/s)

3598 The Laird o’ Drumblair Berliner 7928(7")(s/s)

3599 MacPherson’s rant; Tulloch Gorum Berliner 7934(7")(s/s)

3600 unknown

3601 unknown

3602 Blue bells of Scotland – with variations Berliner 7919(7")(s/s)

3603 Flowers of the forest; Marquis of Huntley’s farewell Berliner 7935(7")(s/s)

3604 The Marquis of Huntley’s farewell; Marchioness of Tullybardine Berliner 7931(7")(s/s)

3605 The miller o’ Hirn; The bride’s reel; Berliner 7932(7")(s/s)

violin with unknown piano
Recorded 30th. January 1905

833d Bonnie Lass o’ Ballochmyle G&T 7972 (7")(s/s)

834d MacGregors gathering G&T unissued (7")(s/s)

835d Hector the hero G&T 7973 (7")(s/s)

1683e The Laird o’ Drumblair Zonophone X-47905(s/s), 463

1687e Cradle song G&T 7994, Zonophone 113, 5098

1689e Duet for one violin (Skinner) Zonophone X-47904(s/s), 463

violin with unknown piano
Recorded London, 1st. December 1905

2912d The Balmoral Highlanders; The Inverary Gathering Zonophone 47901 (7")(s/s)

2913d Marchioness of Tullybardine Zonophone unissued (7")(s/s)

2914d Sandy Cameron, left-arm fiddler Zonophone 47902 (7")(s/s)

2915d Dean brig of Edinburgh: Brechin Castle Zonophone 47900 (7")(s/s)

3172e Allegory – The miller o’ Hirn; MacKenzie and the Auld wheel Zonophone 114, 5091

3173e The freebooter; Tullochgorum; The East Neuk o’ Fife Zonophone 113, 5088

3176e Home, sweet home: Bonnie lass o’ Bon Accord Zonophone 114, 5090

violin with unknown piano
Recorded London, ca September 1906

77534 Medley No. 1 – Mackenzie Hay; Johnnie Steele; The Spey in spate Pathe 8733

77535 Medley No. 2 – Bruce’s march, etc; Pathe 5378

77536 Medley No. 3 – MacPherson’s rant, etc; Pathe 5378

77538 Medley No. 5 – Balmoral Highlanders; Cameron Highlanders; Culloden day Pathe 8733

Marquis of Huntley’s farewell, etc. Pathe ?, ;Actuelle 10416

The Marchioness of Tullybardin, etc. Pathe ?, ;Actuelle 10416

NB: There may be other Pathe sides

violin with unknown piano
Recorded London, ca October/November 1906

The Laird o’ Drumblair Sterling 545 (cyl)

McPherson’s rant Sterling 546 (cyl)

The Bonnie lass o’ Bon Accord Sterling 547 (cyl)

Hornpipes – Banks; Arthur’s Seat Sterling 548 (cyl)

Birlin reels Sterling 549 (cyl)

violin with unknown piano
Recorded London, ca November 1906

44439 Hornpipes Odeon 628

44440 Tullochgorum Odoen 628

violin solo with unknown piano
Recorded London, early 1907

Bagpipe marches Odeon A-94

The bonnie lass o’ Bon Accord Odeon A-94

Birlin reels Odeon A-155

The Laird o’ Drumblair Odeon A-155

violin solo with unknown piano
Recorded London, ca January 1907

Glenlivet, etc: Sterling 711 (cyl)

violin solo with unknown piano
Recorded London, ca April 1907

MacGregor’s gathering Sterling 787 (cyl)

Hark, how Skinner’s fiddle rings! Sterling 788 (cyl)

violin solo with unknown piano
Recorded London, May 1907

The bell bells o’ Scotland Sterling 789 (cyl)

Cradle song; Flowers of the forest Sterling 790 (cyl)

violin solo with unknown piano
Recorded London, ca January 1908

Bagpipe marches – Marquis of Huntley; Forbes Morrison; Sandy Cameron Sterling 791 (cyl)

Tullochgorum Sterling 792 (cyl)

The President Sterling 793 (cyl)

Miller o’ Hirn Sterling 794 (cyl)

Craigellachie Brig Sterling 797 (cyl)

Happy Tom; De’il in the kitchen; Brig o’ Perth Sterling 798 (cyl)

Forbes Morrison Sterling 799 (cyl)

Irish jigs Sterling 800 (cyl)

Brechin Castle Sterling 801 (cyl)

Scott Skinner’s dream Sterling 802 (cyl)

violin with unknown piano
Recorded London, ca early 1908

44703 Medley – Our Highland Queen; Johnnie Steel; The bride’s reel Odeon A-539

44704 Medley – The Miller o’ Hirn; Mrsd. Scott Skinner; The devil & the dirk Odeon A-539

44710 Medley of Scotch hornpipes Odeon A-462

44711 Medley – The Devil in the kitchen; Sandy Cameron; Athole Brose Odeon A-462

violin with unknown piano
Recorded London, ca mid 1908

44907 Mackenzie Hay; The Spey in spate Odeon 753

44908 Birlin reels Odeon 753

violin with unknown piano
Recorded London, ca October 1909

The bonnie lass o’ Bon Accord Edison 4M-12171 (cyl)

Lochaber no more Edison 4M-12228 (cyl)

Cradle song medley Edison 4M-12269 (cyl), 604

The Birlin reels Edison 13967 (cyl), 10402

MacPherson’s lament Edison 13975 (cyl)

NB: Edison 604 and 10401 are USA issues

violin solo with unknown piano
Recorded London, ca January 1910

26744 Celebrated hornpipes: Intro - Arthur’s Seat;; Eugene Stratton; Banks Rena-1282, Regal G-6616

26745 Birlin reels: Intro – The auld wheel; The bride’s reel; MacKenzie Fraser;

Fairy Dance Rena-1283

26746 Miscellany of Scottish songs – part 1. Intro – The free-booter (Is your

war-pipe asleep?); MacPherson’s rant; Tullochgorum (with variations);

East Neuk of Fife(with variations) Rena-1285

26747 Highland schottisches No.2: Intro – Sandy Cameron; Miller o’Hirn;

The Glenlivet Rena-1284, Regal G-6618

26748 Petronella Rena-1286. Regal G-6620

26749 Lucania polka Rena-1288, Regal G-6622

26750 Miscellany of Scottish songs – part 2. Intro. The cradle song;

The bonnie lass of Bon Accord Rena-1285

26751 Highland reels; Intro – Laird o’ Thrums; Gavin McMillan; Laird o’

Drumblair; Gladstone’s Rena-1282

26751 Bagpipe laments: Intro. Claymore; Hector MacDonald; The piper’s weird

claymore Rena-1287, Regal G-6621

26752 Medley No. 1: Intro. Lovat Scouts; The Kirrie Keebuck; Mackenzie Hey;

The Spey In spate Rena-1289

26754 Ettrick Vale – quadrille; Figs. 1 & 2 (arr. Skinner) Rena-1292, Regal G-6626

26755 Flowers of the forest: Auld Robin Gray Rena-1289, Regal G-6623

26756 The flowers of Edinburgh Rena-1284, Regal G-6618

26757 "Triumph" country dances. Intro. Triumph; Timour the Tartar;

The left-handed fiddler; De’il amang the tailors; Speed the plough Rena-1288

26758 Bagpipe marches. Intro – Athole Highlanders; Farewell to Loch Katrine;

Cameron Highlanders; The Inverness gathering Rena-1290

26760 German schottische (Bohemian melodies) Rena-1286, Regal G-6620

26761 Highland schottisches No.1. Intro – Maggie Cameron;

The de’il in the kitchen; Forbes Morrison Rena-1283

26762 Medley No. 2. Intro – Bonnie lass o’ Bon-Accord; The Marquis of

Huntley’s farewell; The �1 fiddle Rena-1290

26763 The President – air and variations (Skinner) Rena-1291, Regal G-6625

26764 Sean trews; Whistle o’er the lave o’t; Wgo widna fecht for Charlie? Rena-1291, Regal G-6625

26765 Ettrick Vale – quadrille: Fig. 3 (arr. Skinner) Rena-1292, Regal G-6626

26766 Ettrick Vale – quadrille. Fig. 4 (arr. Skinner) Rena-1293, Regal G-6626

26767 Ettrick Vale – quadrille. Fig. 5 (arr. Skinner) Rena-1293, Regal G-6626

26768 Pastorale medley. Intro. A Bovaglies plaid; Bognibrae; Perthshire hunt Rena-1287, Regal G-6621

violin solo with Ethel Stuart, piano
Recorded London, ca late November 1922

73051 The fallow chief – lament; Gay Gordons – march Regal G-7914

73052 The President – air and variations (Skinner) Regal G-7914

73053 Medley. Intro – Home sweet home; The iron manm – strathspey;

Bungalow reel Regal G-7913

73054 Medley – The rosebud of Allendale; Le messe Regal G-7915

73055 Celebrated hornpipes – Arthur’s Seat; Laird o’ Haugh’s Banks Regal G-7913

73056 Medley – Auld Robin Grey; East Neuk o’ Fife n- country dance Regal G-7915

73057 Overture – "Loch Lomond" . Intro – Warrori’s grave; Loch Lomond; Let

us a’ to the bridal; Back to the hills Regal G-7910

73058 Bluebells of Scotland Regal G-7910

73059 Hector the hero; Gladstoen reel Regal G-7911

73060 The cradle song Regal G-7911

73061 Strathspeys – Laird o’ Drumblair; Glenlivet; Speed the plough; De’il

amang the tailors Regal G-7912

73062 Our Highland Queen; Kirrie Kebbuck - strathspey; Spey in spate - reel Regal G-7912

73065 Bonnie Glenfare; The Laird of Bemersyde (Earl Haig);

The Thrums cairn – reel Regal G-8024

73066 The weeping birches of Kilmarnock; The massacre of Glencoe Regal G-8024

73067 Dargal – pibroch; The devil in the kitchen – strathspey;

Left-handed fiddler – reel Regal G-8025

73068 Wallace – pastoral; Dumbarton Castle – quickstep Regal G-8025

73069 Pipe marches – The Queen’s welcome to Invcercauld:

The Balmoral Highlanders Regal G-8026

73070 Ossian – elegy; Bovaglies Plaid Regal G-8026

73071 The valley of silence (Napoleon at St. Helens) G-8023

73072 Goodbyre Gramin; Johnnie Steele – strathspey; Jamie Hardie – reel Regal G-8021

73073 Hornpipes – High Level; Madame Vanoni G-8021

73074 The Lovat Scouts – quickstep; The Lair o’ Thrums –strathspey;

The Zeppelin – humorous hornpipe Regal G-8023

73075 Mrs. Scott Skinner; MacKenzie Hay – strathspey; The Devil’s elbow – reel Regal G-8022

73076 Glengrant; Fulcham Lodge – strathspey; The parrot – humorous pizzicato Regal G-8022

NOTE. Master numbers 26744 – 26768 were issued under a variety of labels, Rena, Columbia Rena and Columbia.

Some of these masters may have been issued in USA, Canada and Australia, details are unknown

More details are needed for issues on Odeon, Edison and Pathe. He may have recorded for other labels.

Information neededto fill in the gaps... contact

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