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Address: Department of History, University of Aberdeen Crombie Annexe, Meston Walk Old Aberdeen, AB24 3FX, United Kingdom Tel. ++44/ (0)1224/ 27-3539
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Thomas Weber is Professor of History and International Affairs as well as the founding Director of the Centre of Global Security and Governance at the University of Aberdeen.

Weber's research and teaching expertise lies in European, international, and global political history. He also has an interest in international security, Jewish/non-Jewish relations and in historical methodology.

Before coming to Aberdeen, Weber held fellowships or taught at Harvard University, the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago, and the University of Glasgow. A native of Breckerfeld in Westphalia, he earned his DPhil from the University of Oxford in 2003.

His first book, Lodz Ghetto Album, won a 2004 Golden Light Award and a 2005 Infinity Award. His second book, Our Friend “The Enemy” was the recipient of the 2008 Duc d’Arenberg History Prize for the best book of a general nature, intended for a wide public, on the history and culture of the European continent. His latest book, Hitler's First War, was published in English by Oxford University Press in the autumn of 2010. Since then, his book has also been published in German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Spanish, Polish, Czech, and Danish. The book is also about to be published in Russian and it is being adapted into a TV mini series by UFA-Fiction and Beta Film.

Thomas Weber is the proponent of an initiative to establish Truth Commissions in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. He has also occasionally contributed commentary on history and current affairs for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, El Pais, Die Welt, Haaretz, and Al Arabiya.

Major Publications and Prizes

Hitler’s First War: Adolf Hitler, the Men of the List Regiment and the First World War (Oxford University Press, 2010)

- German edition: Hitlers Erster Krieg: Der Gefreite Hitler im Ersten Weltrkrieg – Mythos und Wahrheit (Berlin: Propyläen Verlag, 2011; List-Verlag 2012 (pbk)); Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (pbk); Dutch edition: Adolf Hitler en de Eerste Wereldoorlog (Amsterdam: Nieuw Amsterdam, 2011); Swedish edition: Hitlers Första Krig (Historiska Media, Lund, 2011); French edition: La premiere guerre d'Hitler (Editions Perrin, Paris, 2012); Polish edition: Pierwsza wojna HitleraRebis, Poznan; Czech edition: Hitlerova První Válka (Jota, 2011); Spanish edition:La primera guerra de Hitler(Taurus, Madrid, 2012); Danish edition: Hitlers Første Verdenskrig (Informations Forlag, Copenhagen, November 2012); Russian edittion: Eksmo.

‘Our Friend “The Enemy”’: Elite Education in Britain and Germany before World War I (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2008).

Lodz Ghetto Album: Photographs by Henryk Ross (photographs selected by Timothy Prus & Martin Parr’ (London: Chris Booth, 2004) 

Publication Prizes

 2008: Duc d’Arenberg History Prize awarded biannually by the Arenberg Foundation for the best book on European history and culture [for Our Friend ‘The Enemy’]

 2005: Infinity Award in the category ‘Publication’ of the International Center of Photography, New York City. Infinity Awards are awarded “to bring public attention to outstanding achievements in photography by honoring individuals with distinguished careers in the field and by identifying future luminaries” [for Lodz Ghetto Album]

 2004: Golden Light Award in the category ‘Best Edited Historical Book’, awarded annually by the Maine Photographic Workshops [for Lodz Ghetto Album]


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