Four cross-university themes build on areas of current research excellence, where researchers and their collaborators are already making a difference on the local, national or international stage.

Knowledge exchange is a fundamental part of theme activity, to ensure that research addresses innovative solutions for contemporary problems and issues. Each theme builds upon interdisciplinary research and addresses key societal questions.



Aberdeen is the energy capital of Europe with links to energy centres all around the world. The University has a wealth of experience in working with energy partners, using research to address the technological, economic and social needs of Scotland, the UK and the world.


Environment and Food Security

The Environment and Food Security theme aims to tackle a host of environmental issues such as climate change, food security, biodiversity loss, over-exploitation of resources and ocean acidification through interdisciplinary research activities.

Running track

Pathways to a Healthy Life

The Pathways to a Healthy Life theme aims to cross disciplinary boundaries to enhance the University’s contribution to all aspects of healthy aging and well-being, aiming to improve life expectancy and life expectancy free of disease.


The North

The University has a leading international research reputation in a number of fields, such as in geosciences, environmental biology, archaeology, anthropology and Scandinavian studies.