Undergraduate Study

Psychology deals with the understanding and explanation of behaviour and experience, and with how these change and develop throughout our lives. Psychologists are interested in many factors that affect our behaviour - from biological bases to social influences. They also study how we perceive our environment; how we think, learn and remember; how we communicate, both through language and non-verbally; and how we differ from one another in personality and abilities.

Psychology is an experimental and observational science, in which evidence from research studies is used to develop and evaluate theories. Psychology is a science in the sense that it seeks to understand mind and behaviour through experimentation, observation and measurement. Insight and intuition are helpful skills, but they are not sufficient.

Psychology is not simply the study of mental illness. If you are expecting psychology to tell you how to read other people's minds, then you will be disappointed. On the other hand, if you enjoy controversy and the critical evaluation of ideas, and if you like investigating questions using a scientific approach, then you will probably enjoy psychology.

The School of Psychology offers single, joint, and combined BSc and MA degrees. Find out more about undergraduate study here at Aberdeen using the links below.

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Degree Programmes

The School offer two main programmes; Psychology and Behavioral Studies. There are also a number of joint degrees with subjects such as Sociology, Anthropology and Management Studies.

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Why Choose Aberdeen?

With over 100 years of teaching experience, the School provides a supportive and stimulating environment for undergraduate studies.

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Research Experience

Gain hands-on research experience in a laboratory environment via a variety of opportunities offered by the School.

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Peer-assisted Learning

Enhance the formal teaching you get from lectures, tutorials and practicals with help from other students at a higher level.