Student Activities


AU Lawyers Without Borders

AU Lawyers without Borders is a student society that seeks to support the work of the Parent Organisation, Lawyers without Borders by:

  • undertaking research projects from the Lawyers without Borders Parent Organisation as well as NGOs that require legal help undertaking research projects from the Lawyers without Borders Parent Organisation as well as NGOs that require legal help
  • raising funds for both our society and the Parent Organisation in order to provide pro bono lawyers with resources to aid those in need

Lawyers without Borders is global group of volunteer lawyers from around the world who offer pro bono service to rule of law projects, capacity building and access to justice initiatives. For more information on the work that Lawyers without Borders undertakes, please see their website

Casus Omissus

Casus Omissus: Aberdeen Law Project

The Aberdeen Law Project is the first purely student led law clinic in Scotland. Our aims are threefold:

  • To secure access to justice for the economically deprived;
  • To provide students with practical experience under the supervision of practitioners;
  • To increase opportunity by undertaking educational outreach projects.

We strive to fill in the gaps in the legal system.

Mooting Society

Law Mooting Society

Any good lawyer must be able to construct an argument and then present and, where appropriate, defend it. That holds true whether you are in court, negotiating commercial transactions or simply rendering advice to a client. Mooting is all about the art of persuading. We would argue that mooting is an essential piece of a fulfilling, complete law degree and a fantastic head-start for gaining the skills necessary for a successful law career. Welcome to the Society and Aberdeen!


Aberdeen Student Law Review (ASLR)

The Aberdeen Student Law Review is a journal written and edited by students of the University of Aberdeen’s Law School. Only the second of its kind in Scotland, the purpose of the Review is to showcase the work of students and alumni of the University of Aberdeen, highlighting the many areas of law which are taught and researched at this institution.


Legal Research Society

The Law School benefits from an excellent Postgraduate Law Society, a student-led and student-run initiative that arranges social and academic events for research students throughout the year.  Membership is open to all research LLM students and PhD students. 


European Law Students' Association

The European Law Students' Association (ELSA) is the world's largest independent law student association with more than 38 000 members worldwide. ELSA offers law students a perfect platform to develop their existing skills, acquire new ones and meet fellow students and legal professionals throughout Europe. At the moment, our local branch, ‘ELSA Aberdeen’ is the only one in Scotland.