Help with MyCurriculum - Extra Credits

Frequently Asked Questions

A full-time postgraduate Masters degree programme at the University of Aberdeen normally consists of 180 credit points per academic year. Where the degree programme requires a different number of credit points to be taken, this will be taken account of in MyCurriculum as specified in the programme prescription for the degree which can be found in the  University Calendar.

In exceptional circumstances the University will allow a student to take up to a maximum of 30 extra credit points (ie a non-standard credit load). There are potential risks involved in taking extra courses:

  • Taking extra courses involves an additional workload which could affect your ability to reach your full potential in some or all of the courses you are studying. If your academic performance suffers because of the extra workload you are taking, this may mean that your degree classification will be affected.
  • You will need to agree with your School which credits will count towards your degree classification. Extra credits taken will not normally count towards degree classification. This must be agreed at the point you register for any extra credits and not after you have completed the course(s).

If, having reflected on these risks, you still wish to take a non-standard credit point load, please complete the Non-Standard Credit Load Disclaimer form and send to the relevant School using the contacts available here. On receipt of your completed form the Registry Officer will make the necessary changes to your course registration. Please note: the extra credit allowance will not show in your Credit Breakdown but you will be able to select your extra course(s) if the Registry Officer has told you your request for extra credits has been approved.

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