Help with MyCurriculum - Degree Changes and Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not possible for postgraduate students to change their degree programme through MyCurriculum.

Post-graduates seeking to change their degree must complete a transfer of degree form which must be approved by the programme coordinator for the programme you are seeking to transfer to. Transfers of degree will not normally be permitted when the student is seeking to transfer to a programme that is run by a different School than the one they are based in currently. Please note students on a Tier 4 might be restricted as to which programmes they can transfer to and should contact to discuss.

Should you find you have picked a course you do not like, you can change it up to the end of:

  • the second week of teaching for 11 week courses.
  • the first week of teaching for 5/6 week courses.
  • the end of the first week of teaching for 5/6 week courses which start in the second half of a semester. These are courses which will have a 3 or an 8 as the fourth character in their code, eg, BI4802.

Our User Guide explains how to make changes to your course choices

Please note: the deadline for changing Sixth Century Courses is 5.00 pm on Friday of the first week of teaching.

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