When you study online with University of Aberdeen it keeps you in control. From our fully online courses to our programmes that blend online learning with a campus experience, you can study in a way that suits you and your life.

You choose when to study

Study in your own time, when you’ve got time. Most courses don’t require you to engage at specific times giving you the freedom to choose when you study within the framework of your course.

Some courses will run interactive sessions and discussions but if you can’t be present you’ll be able to access the recorded materials later.

You choose where to study

At home, on the go, in the park….the choice is endless. And chosen by you. As long as you can access the internet, you can study with us. Meaning you can get the same degree as our campus students without having to leave home.

Some of our courses do have a short element of taught materials at our Aberdeen campus, but these are clearly explained in the prospectus.

Our online courses are delivered through an online learning environment and have been developed specifically for an online audience using a range of learning materials and assessment activities.

You can mix study with work

There’s no need to give up your job to study online. Our courses are flexible and designed to fit round your life.

You can decide when to study so that you can combine studying with work and family life.

You will be supported

When you study online with us, you can expect a first class support structure that means you are not alone in your study. You will have access to the same student support resources as our campus students enjoy.

You can even use social media and our discussion boards to find and talk to your fellow students wherever they are.

You can achieve your potential

Studying with us will help you reach your goals. Studying online displays to employers that you are self-motivated, can manage your own time and show a dedication to your own development.