The Knight and the Lion

"Welcome for King Arthur"

Yvain sent a squire ahead of them to warn his wife that important visitors were coming and to tell the people to decorate their houses before the King passed. Laudine is delighted and orders her people to prepare to welcome the guests, which they cheerfully do, hanging sheets of silk in front of the houses and laying down tapestries to walk on. Across the streets where the King and his knights will pass, the people drape canopies to shade them from the sun.

At last the King and all his followers, on their huge Spanish horses, ride into view, and the people rush forward shouting 'Welcome' and 'Blessings on lord Yvain for bringing us such fair guests.' Over and over the church bells ring.

Horns and trumpets blow louder than God's own thunder. Flutes and pipes, drums and cymbals play as girls dance before the horses, leading the way to the castle.

At the gate stands Laudine in a gown made of fur with red rubies in her crown. She looks more lovely than a goddess, greeting the King as she steps forward to hold his stirrup.

'A hundred thousand welcomes to my lord the King and blessings on his nephew, my lord Gawain.'

To which the King replies, jumping from his saddle:

'I wish you great happiness and good fortune, lovely lady.'

With that, he put his arms about her waist and hugged her tight, and she threw her arms round his neck and hugged him back.

What sort of music might have been played for King Arthur?