The Knight and the Lion

"Yvain and Kay"

Yvain recognized Kay at once by his weapons and armour, and was glad to have the chance to put him to shame. Gripping the straps of their shields tightly, both knights lower their lances and charge. They come together with such a mighty crash that both lances split right up to where the hands are holding them. Yet Yvain has struck Kay so hard that he flies from his saddle, turning a somersault in the air before he lands, helmet-first, on the ground.

Not wanting to hurt him any more, Yvain jumped quickly from his horse. Some of the King's knights could not help laughing.

'Look at you, flat out on the ground, Kay,' they cried. 'Serves you right for jeering at so many others.'

Yvain took Kay's horse by the bridle and led it to the King:

'It would not be right to keep something that belongs to you,' he said.

'Who are you?' the King asked.

'My name is Yvain,' replied the knight, taking off his helmet. Kay was full of shame when he remembered how he had called Yvain a coward, but the other knights were pleased at the glory Yvain had won. Most of all, though, Gawain was glad, for Yvain was his dearest friend.

The King asked Yvain to tell his story, which Yvain did - not missing out a single thing. Then he invited King Arthur and all his knights to come back with him to his castle and be his guests.

Find out how Laudine and her people welcome the King.