The Knight and the Lion

"Guests at the Castle"

So for a whole week King Arthur and his knights were guests of Yvain, Laudine and their people. The visitors were treated with the greatest honour and courtesy, feasting every day on the most delicious food and wine. The knights were able to enjoy the woods and rivers and castles of Yvain's new land, and the time passed in pleasure and delight. There were more than ninety ladies at Yvain's court, all wise and beautiful, sensible and well-mannered. So Arthur's knights were very happy to spend hours in the company of these ladies, talking about all sorts of things, cuddling and kissing too.

Meanwhile another pair were becoming close friends - the sun and the moon. Gawain is the sun, for he shines above all other knights, giving light and warmth to the world just like the rays of the sun. And who is the moon? It is Lunette, of course - whose name means little moon. Yet she is like the moon also because she is so wise and sees things clearly from on high.

The more Gawain got to know her, the more he admired her and loved her, for she was so lively and so quick. He knew that this sweet, brown-haired girl had saved his dearest friend. He laughed out loud when she told him how she had persuaded Laudine to marry Yvain. At last Gawain declared that he would be Lunette's knight and friend, and serve her if she ever needed him.

'Don't go and swap me for someone you think is better,' he said. 'For I am yours and you shall be mine always.'

'Thank you kindly,' Lunette replied.

The time came for the King to return home, but his knights did not want to leave Yvain behind. Rather, they were determined to take him back with them. Gawain went to Yvain and spoke to him for a long time.

What does Gawain say to make Yvain leave the woman he loves?

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