The Knight and the Lion

"The Sisters of Noire Espine"

In the meantime, two sisters came to King Arthur's court, rushing one after the other asking for justice. Their father, the lord of Noire Espine, had died and his elder daughter had declared that all his lands and property on earth belonged to her alone. The younger daughter was denied her share and resolved to go to King Arthur to have him settle the dispute. Unluckily for her, the elder sister arrived there before her, and had already persuaded Gawain to be her champion and fight for her cause.

The younger sister did not know where to turn when she heard this news. It was only three days since the Queen had been returned to the court. Yet Lancelot, who had rescued her from captivity, was still missing, for he had been tricked and imprisoned in a high tower.

The younger sister made ready to return home for she felt sure her cause was hopeless. The King asked the elder sister to think again, to give at least some of her father's possessions to the younger one. However, the elder sister, sure of having the best knight in the world on her side, cried out:

'She shall not have so much as a town, a forest or a patch of burnt ground - no, not a single twisted tree! Let her find a champion to fight for her if she can. Let him come forward now.'

'No, replied the King, 'that is not right. Your sister must be allowed more time. She has forty days to find a champion.'

The younger sister gladly agreed and set off at once, for while she was at the court she had heard tales of a mysterious Knight with a Lion who always helped women in trouble, and she was determined to search for him for the rest of her days if need be.

She travelled through many countries staying in only the poorest lodgings, searching for the Knight with the Lion. For a long time she met no one who had heard of him, and this made her so unhappy that she fell ill.

Help the Younger Sister of Noire Espine to find the Knight with the Lion