The Knight and the Lion

"The House of Healing"

Only Lunette knew who he was, and she rode with him a little way. She promised she would never reveal who her champion had been, and that she would always remember him and try to open her mistress's heart to him again whenever she saw the chance.

The lion was so weak now that Yvain made him a kind of stretcher from his shield, which he lined with moss and leaves. He balanced it on his horse's back and walked alongside.

In this way they came to a large and handsome house where the porter opened the gate without even questioning him, and people came and took his horse and his armour, and laid the lion gently on a stone bench. Then the two daughters of the house, who were highly skilled in medicine, came to heal their wounds. And there they both stayed, Yvain and the lion, until they were quite rested and cured.

Besides battle wounds, what illnesses were common in the Middle Ages?