The Knight and the Lion

"Laudine Meets the Knight with the Lion"

Then Lunette is released, full of joy, and her mistress pardons her. The lion, however, is sorely wounded in many places, and Yvain is not in good health, having many deep cuts and slashes on his body. Still, he is more worried about the lion, whom he sees is full of pain.

Laudine begged him to stay for as long as it would take for him and his lion to recover. Yvain thanked her, but told her that it could not be, unless he had the forgiveness of his lady, for that alone would end his suffering.

'Surely, it cannot be a very courteous lady who could shut the door against such a worthy knight as you, unless you had done some terrible wrong', Laudine replied.

'If it is what she wants, then however much it makes me suffer, I am glad.'

'What is your name?' Laudine asked him.

'You may call me the Knight with the Lion', Yvain replied, and turned and rode sadly away.

'Oh, lady,' he said to himself, 'if only you knew how all my happiness is locked up in one chest, and only you have the key.'