The Knight and the Lion

"The Castle of Pesme Aventure"

Yvain rode along with his lion trotting beside him, a girl riding at his side. The girl was full of joy, for Yvain had agreed to fight for the cause of her friend, the Younger Sister of Noire Espine. Chattering gaily, they came to the town and castle of Pesme Aventure, where they saw they must seek lodging for the night.

Yet as they rode towards the castle through the town the people cursed and muttered and shouted 'What's the matter with you?' and 'Get out of here!'

'Why are you insulting us like this, you foolish people?' Yvain asked.

'You'll soon find out', they cried. 'Whoever sent you here for your lodging meant you nothing but harm.'

Still, Yvain carried on towards the tower he could see before him.

'Are you mad?' the people screamed. 'Why look for trouble?'

A sensible-looking old woman spoke to him plainly at last.

'They are only trying to warn you,' she explained. 'They do not dare to show more clearly what there is to fear, so they hope to drive you away by offending you.'

'Well, lady,' said he, 'my heart may be foolish but it leads me on and I must follow it.'

'Then I hope you will not be too much disgraced,' the old woman said.

But Yvain, the girl and the lion went on to the gate-house, where the porter greeted them:

'Curses on your coming! You'll be sorry you ever did.'

And with that he let them in.

What does Yvain discover inside the Castle of Pesme Aventure?