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Undergraduate Biotechnology 2023-2024


10 credits

Level 2

Second Sub Session

This course will look at biomedical discoveries and explore the mechanisms by which these “inventions” can be developed into innovative outcomes and products with commercial and/or therapeutic value.

Entrepreneurship is so much more than just having a “Eureka!” moment.  In this course we will look at how that blinding flash of inspiration (or just a “huh, that’s weird!?”) can be capitalised upon and turned into something valuable.

  • “Chance favours the prepared mind” (Pasteur)
  • “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” (Seneca)
  • “The inventor turns money into innovation, but the [bio]entrepreneur turns [biomedical] innovation into money” (unknown)

This course will aim to bring out the “bioentrepreneur” in you and allow you to develop a “prepared mind” for when that stroke of genius, or just a “huh, that’s weird” comes your way.


5 credits

Level 3

First Sub Session

  • A pre-requisite for all students intending to apply for a year’s industrial placement.
  • This course covers the skills necessary to complete placement applications by exploring CV preparation, writing covering letters, completing application forms, identification of your skill sets and good interview technique.
  • The course will prepare you for the workplace by making you aware of general employability skills and by helping you identify your own transferable skills.


15 credits

Level 3

Second Sub Session

  • In the world of biomedicine and biotechnology, it is the individual who sees opportunities where others see challenges who drives innovation…and goes on to change the world

  • When you make that discovery or invention, will you be prepared to seize the opportunity and change the world?

  • In the world of biomedicine and biotechnology, it is the small, nimble, dynamic, entrepreneurial companies who drive innovation…and go on to change the world


    When you go to work for that dynamic start-up company, will you have the right mindset and skills to ensure that the product reaches the patient or the customer?

  • BT3502 can be taken either as a stand-alone course or as part of the “with Biobusiness” degree option. It aims to be both fun and “different” – allowing many students to explore an area they have not come across elsewhere, and to discover, develop and apply skills not previously required in the degree programme.


20 credits

Level 4

Second Sub Session

  • this is the final course of 3 on Bio-Business and deals in depth with finance, corporate governance and business models;
  • the major assessment involves the students working together in teams to set up a virtual bio-business and to pitch this business to a group of experts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector;
  • the team will adopt the roles of senior management team and present to the experts their part of the business


120 credits

Level 5

Full Year

  • an industrial placement allows students to experience workplace culture and makes them more effective employees following graduation;
  • placements vary considerably but in general terms, students are placed in an industrial, commercial or research environment where they obtain a breadth of practical experience to complement their degree programme;
  • students are employed by their host company and can expect to work a normal 40 hour week, possibly on a number of projects, over a full calendar year;
  • tutorial assistance from a member of the University academic staff is available via email and / or telephone throughout the year

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