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GH1013: GAELIC LANGUAGE 1A (2017-2018)

Last modified: 25 May 2018 11:16

Course Overview

This is a Gaelic language course for students who are relatively fluent in the language already and have studied it to at least Higher in school (Higher Gaelic or Gàidhlig) or have studied it to a similar level elsewhere. 

Course Details

Study Type Undergraduate Level 1
Session First Sub Session Credit Points 15 credits (7.5 ECTS credits)
Campus Old Aberdeen Sustained Study Yes
  • Dr Michelle MacLeod

Qualification Prerequisites

  • Either Programme Level 1 or Programme Level 2

What courses & programmes must have been taken before this course?

  • Any Undergraduate Programme (Studied)

What other courses must be taken with this course?


What courses cannot be taken with this course?

  • GH1007 Gaelic for Beginners 1a (Studied)
  • GH1008 Gaelic Language 1a (Studied)
  • GH1009 Gaelic for Native Speakers 1a (Studied)
  • GH1507 Gaelic for Beginners 1b (Studied)
  • GH1508 Gaelic Language 1b (Studied)
  • GH1509 Gaelic for Native Speakers 1b (Studied)

Are there a limited number of places available?


Course Description

Course Aims

The course aims to provide a structured reinforcement and development of existing language competences. ?The course will give students a stepping-stone between school-level language and professional and academic language.

Main Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will have an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the Gaelic language. Students will have a better and more confident grasp of fundamental language structures and spelling and will be able to communicate effectively in a wider range of scenarios.

Specifically they will have the ability to manipulate 2 irregular verbs; use the nominative and dative cases accurately; and will be able to use most prepositions accurately. They will have practised writing on a range of key topics. They will have the ability to participate in an academic discourse in Gaelic on two topics. They will have improved their ability to talk formally and informally in Gaelic and they will have the ability to use appropriate reference works and other sources of information.


Course Content


The course will develop receptive and productive language skills through weekly classes which will focus on written language, grammar and oral fluency.

Further Information & Notes

This course may NOT be included as part of a graduating curriculum with GH1007 or GH1507.

Degree Programmes for which this Course is Prescribed

  • Gaelic Joint
  • Gaelic Minor
  • MA Gaelic Studies
  • MA Languages and Literature of Scotland
  • MA Mathematics with Gaelic
  • MA Scottish Studies

Contact Teaching Time

33 hours

This is the total time spent in lectures, tutorials and other class teaching.

Teaching Breakdown


1st Attempt

40% in-course assessment: two language exercises (10% each), one 20% essay; and 60% examination.


100% examination.

Formative Assessment

6 formative assessments of different aspects of written Gaelic language


The above assessments are given CGS marks, and written or verbal feedback is also given. Additional informal feedback on performance is also given in both written language classes and oral classes.

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