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Course Overview

This course introduces and develops the main underpinning principles of the programme, providing a forum for analysis and discussion of education in the practical context of classroom teaching.  A range of issues common to all students as developing professionals will be reflected upon, in particular issues which have implications for direct action in the classroom, such as inclusive practice.  Professional Enquiry provides students with knowledge and understanding of policy, theory, and research in the context of developing professional practice.

Course Details

Study Type Undergraduate Level 4
Session Second Sub Session Credit Points 30 credits (15 ECTS credits)
Campus Old Aberdeen Sustained Study No
  • Mrs Sandra Nicol

Qualification Prerequisites

  • Either Programme Level 3 or Programme Level 4

What courses & programmes must have been taken before this course?

  • Either MA Gaelic with Education (Secondary) (UHI) (Studied) or MA Gaelic with Education (Primary) (UHI) (Studied)
  • Any Undergraduate Programme (Studied)

What other courses must be taken with this course?


What courses cannot be taken with this course?

  • ED452G Learning and Teaching in Schools: Developing Prof Practice 1 (Dlite) (Studied)

Are there a limited number of places available?


Course Description

Course Aims:

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of learning and learning styles and how children learn at different stages.
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the 3-18 curriculum in Scottish schools.
  • To develop professional skills and abilities relevant to the professional practice of teaching.
  • To encourage personal and professional commitment to life-long learning.
  • To extend and deepen their knowledge, understanding and expertise in professional enquiry.

Main Learning Outcomes:

  • By the end of this course all students should be able to:
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Scottish school curriculum and approaches to learning 
  •  and assessment
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the nature of the curriculum and its development; 
  • draw on relevant principles and perspectives to inform their professional values and practice; 
  • reflect, evaluate, challenge and respond to significant issues in education;
  • demonstrate skills in being an effective collaborative learner;
  • demonstrate commitment to continuous professional development through reflection and enquiry


  • How Students Learn
  • How Children Learn
  • Legislative Frameworks for Scottish Education (including Social Justice and Child Protection)
  • Exploring Differences
  • An Inclusive Approach to Supporting Learning
  • Assessment for and of Learning
  • Scottish Curricula
  • Exploring learning through the Primary / Secondary curriculum
  • The Reflective Practitioner
  • Professional Enquiry (options relevant to current developments in education)

Further Information & Notes

A PVG check is mandatory for all students on this course.

Degree Programmes for which this Course is Prescribed

  • Non-Graduating Student in Education Erasmus

Contact Teaching Time

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Teaching Breakdown


1st Attempt: One summative assessment in-course paper of 5000 words  - 100%
Resit: One resubmission of the above paper.

Formative Assessment




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