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Postgraduate Nutrition 2022-2023


0 credits

Level 1

Full Year

With an overall aim of giving students an opportunity to gain a holistic view of the study of Human Nutrition this course will bring together and place their knowledge and training in context. Students will discuss and critically analyse and evaluate current nutrition topics in an informal setting. The course will running throughout their master’s studies. The course format allows the students to direct the nutrition topics considered, using a range of approaches and skills such as critical appraisal of evidence, myth busting debates, journal club, applied nutrition workshops, invited speaker masterclass, industry visits.   


30 credits

Level 5

Third Sub Session

Hot Topics in Lifestyle Health will focus on finding trustworthy scientific data to support evidence-based conclusions, and disseminate this in an effective and engaging way to educate a target audience. The course will start with exploring the latest evidence for three contemporary research topics: Lifestyle Medicine, Obesity & Healthy Weight Loss in Adults, and Food Choice & Behaviour. These topics will be delivered as short online courses and taught by experts in the field. You will then go on to design your own short online course as part of a team, choosing your own research topic.

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