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Course Overview

Biologic therapies represent one of the most important and novel areas of drug discovery in the 21st century. The aim of this course is to provide an insight into the success of protein, peptide or antibody based biologic therapies and to examine how this exciting new area will develop over the next decade.

Course Details

Study Type Postgraduate Level 5
Session Second Sub Session Credit Points 15 credits (7.5 ECTS credits)
Campus None. Sustained Study No
  • Dr Frank Ward

What courses & programmes must have been taken before this course?

  • Any Postgraduate Programme (Studied)

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Course Description

Large protein or peptide based therapeutics, or biologics have an increasing influence on our ability to treat a range of complex disorders ranging from rare autoimmune diseases, through allergy and even difficult to treat cancers. This is an exciting, rapidly expanding area with several novel therapies being introduced each year. In most cases, the introduction of a novel biologic will offer new potential for treating a particular disease. Development of a biologic is difficult, but the rewards if successful are huge, with sales far in excess of $1billion per annum.

Biologics are different from small molecule drug options because typically they are designed with strong prior knowledge based around how they may alter the disease outcome. The course will address the challenges that specifically face developing biologic therapies including issues around clinical trial design, patient safety and legal issues with regard to developing biosimilar products.

We will use real clinical examples to examine a range of different types of biologic encompassing functional proteins, antibodies and peptides. There will be a strong focus on novel therapeutics that are currently close to market.

Contact Teaching Time

Information on contact teaching time is available from the course guide.

Teaching Breakdown

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Summative Assessments

Group presentation (50%), 1 essay (50%).

Formative Assessment

There are no assessments for this course.


Feedback is provided on student presentations

Course Learning Outcomes


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