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Online Biology 2022-2023


15 credits

Level 1

Full Year

The Biology Access Course will cover a wide range of themes in line with the Advanced Higher Biology syllabus. The course encompasses subject areas such as proteins, sexual reproduction and parasitism. However, the course has an emphasis on scientific skill development, provisioning you with a core understanding of scientific method, experimental design, data analysis and presentation, as well as enhancing skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.


You will expand your current knowledge, enhance your scientific skillset and develop your interest in biology, as well as prepare to study independently at university level. Learning outcomes and skills will be embedded in the materials and activities. Teaching and learning will be solely online and involve engaging lectures and practical exercises.


5 credits

Level 1

Third Sub Session

This course is only available to students entering directly into Level 2 or Level 3 of a Biological Sciences degree.

This course will introduce you to the basics of ecology – the relationships between living things and the environment around them.  You’ll look also study the relevance of ecology to current land management and conservation issues.

Lecture recordings, set readings and structured activities will provide you with content and a framework to develop an understanding of the subject area.

Regular online assessments will provide you with feedback on your learning achievements and help you to structure your revision.

Practical assignments will provide you with opportunities to strengthen your skills in manipulating, summarising and presenting quantitative data.

A final summative report will give you the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skills you have acquired.

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