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Course Overview

This course offers a chronological survey of Ireland and the Irish from the Act of Union with Great Britain to the present day.  It will consider the social, political, cultural and economic aspects of that history, and will place the island of Ireland within its wider contexts, as part of the United Kingdom, as part of Europe, as part of the British Empire, and as the source of the global Irish Diaspora.  The course will focus on a number of central issues.

Course Details

Study Type Undergraduate Level 4
Session First Sub Session Credit Points 30 credits (15 ECTS credits)
Campus None. Sustained Study No
  • Dr Colin Barr

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Course Description

The course, The Making of Modern Ireland, 1800-2010, offers a detailed survey and analysis of the major political, social and economic developments on the island of Ireland from the Act of Union to the economic crisis of 2008-12. Key features of the course will include the emergence of constitutional and physical force movements in this period, the development of Irish nationalism and unionism, and the creation of two Irelands in the twentieth century. A special focus will be placed on the Irish Famine of the 1840s and on the experiences of the Irish abroad, the diaspora. Week 1 - introduction union and state of the nation Week 2 - Catholic emancipation Week 3 - famine Week 4 - Irish Diaspora Week 5 - Parnell Week 6 - Cultural Revival Week 7 - Ulster will fight Week 8 - Irish revolution 1916 - 1923 Week 9 - The two Ireland's 1923 to 1950 Week 10 - TBC Week 11 - The troubles and peace making Week 12 - Bust Boom - Bust

Further Information & Notes

This module is available to students on all non-History degree programmes as a Discipline Breadth course for the enhanced study requirement. However, the admission of students with a non-History degree intention will be at the discretion of the School of Divinity, History, and Philosophy.

Contact Teaching Time

Information on contact teaching time is available from the course guide.

Teaching Breakdown

More Information about Week Numbers

Details, including assessments, may be subject to change until 31 August 2023 for 1st half-session courses and 22 December 2023 for 2nd half-session courses.

Summative Assessments

Level 4 research essay at 3,500 words (40 %), two reports at 20% each and a class presentation and chairing (20%). Only results obtained at first attempt can be used for Honours classification.

Formative Assessment

There are no assessments for this course.


Feedback will be given during office hours and by appointment.

Course Learning Outcomes


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