DVD Data Archive

Publications of Primary Material from the Turukhansk Census Expedition


1. DVD Publication

In 2005, in co-operation with the State Archive of Krasnoiarsk Territory and the Krasnoiark Territorial Museum, we published a DVD collection of digital images of the primary documents from the Turukhansk Census Exedition. The DVD disk is organised with a geographical index and provides the user access to all available documents for each region. The disk also has a full introduction (in Russian) and contains digitised texts describing each census district.

The DVD disk was sponsored by the Baikal Archaeology Project and by the Economic and Social Sciences Research Council (UK).

2. Edited Volume

With the same partners, we also published an edited book which gives reprinted versions of letters, diaries, photographs, and a printed index to the collection. The book is prefaced with several academic articles about the history and the context of the Turukhansk expedition.

The publication was sponsored by the Economic and Social Sciences Research Council (UK).

Both publications are available by contacting the BAP.