Folio 111v

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Ave decus celos glorificans, continued.

The Virgin is mistress of the earth, pre-eminent among women; her fragrance surpasses all others, filling us with its grace. She expunges the sin of Eve and atones for our disgrace, frustrating the serpent's guile. She is of the royal lineage of David, bearing the sun as an orb of justice, truly a star of extraordinary light. She is the one whom the company of heaven applauds, singing songs of praise, while the whole framework of nature keeps festival . She bore a son who paid the price of our salvation, wiping out our death-sentence by his death, hanging on the cross. The elements and forms of nature praise her. An angelic voice sings her praise and through this meagre offering asks that she will hasten to intercede for us with Christ.

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ve potens terrarum domina
sola cunctis precellens femi\na
magis cunctarum rerum fragrancia
magnum re\plens odoris gracia.

Ave que matris Eve [que] ma\culam
tergis ac vindicas infamiam
draconis\ irruans [irritans] astuciam
teris caput premis seviciam.

Sal\ve sata summorum semine
David regis ducta propa\gine
ferens orbi solem iusticie
stella quidem\ lucis eximie.

Ave cui celestis curia
ob defectus\ plaudit iniuria
canit odas ympnizat cantica\
mundi tota festinat [festivat]fabrica.

Salve que ge\nuisti filium
vestrum valens salutis precium
quem\ delevit mortis cyrographum
dirum passum mor\tis suspendium.

Ave virgo quam laudant ethe\ra
terra pontus aer et sydera
montes campi et\ fontes et nemora
te laudant queque laude propria.\

Salve mater cui vox angelior [angelica]
laudem sonat et\ presens terrinula [terrenula]
ecce psallit tu nos propicia,
cle\menter Christo reconsilia. Amen.\

Introduction to the Hymn, Gaude flore virginali.

We read that St Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, repeated the seven temporal joys of the Virgin Mary daily ...

Legitur quod beatus Thomas Cantuari\ensis archiepiscopus vii gaudia tempora\lia beatissime virginis Marie coti-\

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