Folio 111r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Ave stella maris, continued.

... tranquillity. He invokes her beauty and asks that he may behold her face in heaven. Invoking her as a tender, fragrant rose, he asks her to deliver him from sin, she who bore a child while retaining her virginity.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998

duc me domina.\

O gloriosa species
o speciosa facies\
tua [tu] celi regina
meipso visu sacies\
quo saciatur acies
in patria divina\

rosa recens ac tenera,
suavis odorifera
omni\ plena dulcore
me a peccato libera
sola gaudens pu\erpera
cum virginis honore. Amen.\

Hymn, Ave decus celos glorificans.

A hymn saluting the Virgin Mary. She adorns the sky, investing it with glory; she is a light illuminating the land; she is a star shining upon seamen, quieting the storm. She is like no other, miraculously bearing a child yet remaining a virgin. Sealed [in her virginity] she is a fountain of salvation, grace and wisdom; a garden, closed off, producing the flower of glory. She is the palace of him who reigns on high, beautiful with seven carved columns, giving honour and breathing balm; there is no-one like her in the universe. She is our salvation, the mother of great mercy who bestows pardon on those who have fallen into sin, honoured by the church with glorious and resounding praise.

Ave decus celos glorificans
lux Ma\ria terras illuminans.
Stella\ maris nautas irradians
percellosa [procellosa]\ queque pacificans.

Salve virgo incomparabi\lis
partu miro mater mirabilis
nulla matrum\ ut tu spectabilis
virgo manens in matre sta\bilis.

Ave fons salutis et gracie
fons sig\natus et fons sapiencie
ortus clausus ortus leti\cie
ortus nostre dans florem glorie.

Salve summe\ regnantis regia
sculpis [sculptis] septem calumpnis [columpnis] incli\ta
dans decorem et spirans balsama
nulla ta\lis in rerum machina.

Ave [nostre] salus nostre\ miserie
magneque mater misericordie
lapsis que larga\latrix venie
laus preclare sonans ecclesie. Sal-\

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