Folio 112r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Introduction to the Hymn, Gaude flore virginali, continued.

... with great devotion. Once when he was saying them in his usual fashion, the Virgin appeared to him and said: 'Why do you celebrate so much joys that are past and not those of the present, which I now experience in heaven and which last forever. Rejoice in them, henceforth, with me. Firstly, because my glory surpasses the pleasure of the saints. Secondly, because just as the sun lights up the day, so my splendour lights up the whole court of heaven. Thirdly, because the entire heavenly host obeys and reveres me. Fourthly, because my son and I are of one mind and he hears my every prayer, always. Fifthly, because God rewards those who serve me now and in the future, at my pleasure. Sixthly, because I sit beside the Holy Trinity, clothed in a glorified body. And in the seventh case, because I am certain and sure that these seven joys will last forever, never to come to an end. Whoever will worship me, by celebrating these joys ...

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998

die cum magna devocione repetebat. Et eadem gau\dia in oratorio suo more solito dicens. Beata\ virgo Maria semel apparuit ei et dixit, Cur\ de gaudiis que preterierunt tantum gaudes et le\taris et de presentibus quibus in celo nunc gaudeo\ que durant perpetuo pocius nunc gaudes et le\taris. Gaude ergo et exulta mecum de cetero.\ Primo quia gloria mea excellit iocundi\tatem omnium sanctorum. Secundo quia sicut sol illumi\nat diem sic claritas mea illuminat totam\ curiam celestem. Tercio quia tota milicia\ celi obedit michi et semper me veneratur. Quar\to quia filio meo et michi est semper una volun\tas et semper exaudit cunctas preces meas.\ Quinto quia deus ad beneplacitum meum remu\nerat omnes servitores meos nunc et in futuro.\ Sexto quia proxima sancte trinitati sedeo et vesti\ta sum corpore glorificato. Septimo quia\ certa sum et secura quod hec vii gaudia semper\ durabunt et numquam finientur. Et quicumque\ in hiis gaudiis letando me venerabitur in exi\

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