Folio 107r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Salve sancta mater dei, continued.

... of humility, freely calling herself the handmaid of the ruler of the heavenly kingdom. Illuminated with the holy spirit, made pregnant by the refreshing grace of heaven, infused with God's divinity, she bore a child while yet a virgin, her heart aflame. She carried God in her womb, thus bringing joy to mankind in its misery; how happily she sang a song of praise, when she felt Christ within her. The author hails her as the purest of virgins, who alone gave birth to the child, a virgin wife and a virgin mother; who beheld the face of so great a king, swaddling his unblemished body. The son she bore was the fruit of life, bringing sunshine to darkness, offering to the pure in heart the image of a shepherd, a guiding star, the way of a king. She wished to live according to the law although she was not bound to observe the rite of purification, for she experienced nothing that defiled her, conceiving not by intercourse with a man but through the gift of God. To the temple, which was but a shadow [of the true temple] she brought her son, who would put an end to the rites of the [old] law, where Simeon gave thanks but also foresaw the impending sword of death (Luke, 2:35). She was the protectress of Christ the Nazarene, who was the protector of all; by fleeing with her son into Egypt, she and her husband saved him from Herod's fury.

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te ancillam vocans gratis
dato reg\ni solio.

Salve spiritui [spiritu] lustrata
salve <ave> carne impreg\nata <repurgata>
celi refrigerio.
Salve deo superfusa
salve <virgo> ge\nerans conclusa
cordis ex incendio.

Salve de\um ventre <alvo> gerens
qui humanum genus merens\
parte [per te] sic <hoc> letificat.
O quam gaudens cecinisti
alvo\ Christum <parvum> cum sencisti
canticun [canticum] magnificat.
Salve partu singularis
virgo gignens <manens> virgo paris
vir\ginum piissima <purissima>.
Gaude <ave> tanti vultum regis\
videns cuius <eius> pannis tegis
membra sincerissima.\

Salve tantam gerens prolem
fructum vite lesis <lapsum> so\lem
tenebrarum [tenebratis] proferens
visionem pastoralem\
stellam viamque regalem
corde puro conferens <perferens>.\

Salve lege volens regi
non astricta tamen le\gi
purgande puerpere
nam inpium [impurum] nil sensisti\
nec de viro concepisti
sed de dei munere.

Salve tem\plo figurali
finem cultui legali
ferens tuum fil\um
Simeone gratulante
sed et tibi coniuncte [comminantem]\
sue mortis gladium.

Salve tutrix Nazarei\
qui est tutor omnis rei
secessu <in> Egypcio
tui cu\ra cum <et> custodis
frustrans furiam <furias> Herodis

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