Folio 106v

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Ave Maria mitis, continued.

... and asks that she may keep him from harm, now and forever, and at his death take him in her hands to the haven of salvation.

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\na custodi me a pena
dominus tecum hodie et semper sis\ mecum
benedicta tu custodi me in exitum
in mu\lieribus educ me in tuis manibus
virgo virtutis\ ad portum salutis
et benedictus dominus noster Ihesus Christus\
ventris tui fructus dulcissimus. Amen.\

Hymn , Salve sancta mater dei.

A hymn to the Virgin Mary (HL, 2, pp 280-3). The author hails her as the source of life, who strengthens our faith in the anguish of death. He asks that he may be comforted by reflecting upon the delights afforded by her. He hails her as one consecrated to God who was, by a dispensation granted before her birth, incapable of sin. First in rank of the stars, the light of her birth brought an end to the errors of the world; her virginity and her conduct introduced a new way of life. She was a vessel of such purity that she brought forth the king of glory from above, accepting from Gabriel a message unheard-of before or since. Guarding her chastity, she did not fully accept his message until she was certain of it; then, a chaste flower infused with heavenly dew, she conceived a son. Chaste like the Shunamite woman (1 Kings, 1:1-4), putting her faith in unheard-of things, she was filled with the light of God; she herself was the light ...

Salve sancta mater dei
radix vite robur spei\
mortis in angustiis
parce [per te] queso con\solari
da sincere meditari
de tuis de\liciis

salve deo consecrata
priusquam <ante> huic mundo\ nata
intra matris uterum
dono fixa speciali
ut\ nec lapsu veniali
peccares in postrum [posterum].

Salve\ stella principalis
tui namque <vera> lux natalis
finem\ fert erroribus
virginalis flos illuxit
vitra [vita] tota\ formam duxit
vite nove moribus.

Salve tante\ puritatis
vas ut regem maiestatis
de supernis\ traxeris <traheres>
Gabriele nunciante
inaudita post et\ ante
nuncia susceperis <susciperes>.

Salve tutrix <mater> castitatis\
nec adherens nunciatis
donec circa [certa] fieres.\
Salve virginale [virginali] flore
quod celesti fusa rore
fili\um conciperes.

Salve castra [casta] Sinamitis [Sunamitis]
fide cre\dens <fidem praestans> inauditis
dei plena radio.
Salve lux\

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