Folio 106r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Sancta virgo virginum, continued.

... and by wicked lies; he has often deceived his neighbour; he has robbed the poor for evil gain; he has been to anger and excess as a slave to his mistress. He has committed every crime, in body and soul; for what he could not do in the flesh, he has exceeded in his thoughts. He confesses this to the Virgin, asking her, holier as she is than all the saints, to plead the cause of one who is worthy of death and entreat her son to grant him healing, knowing that Christ will respond favourably to her prayers, for Christ can deny nothing to the mother who bore him. Through Christ's birth, his fasting, through the passion he chose to undergo for us, through the holy eucharist, the grace of baptism and the mysteries of the faith, which the author has learned by heart and in which he believes, he asks the Virgin that Christ's passion should bring about the remission of our sins; his resurrection, the proclamation of our virtues.

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et per iniquum mendacium
sepe fefelli proximum\
et de rapinis pauperum
collegi lucrum pessimum\
ire et luxurie
servivi quasi domine
in corpore\ et anima
commisi cuncta crimina
nam corpus\ quod non potuit
mens preterire voluit
hec tibi nunc\ confiteor
o cunctis sanctis sanctior
tu causam meam\ suscipe
tu dignum mortis eripe
implora tuum\ filium
ut det michi remedium
ex tua carne genitus
favebit tuis precibus.
Nam matri que se peperit
ni\chil negare poterit
per eius natalicium
et per eius\ ieiunium
per asperas iniurias
flagella sputa\ et alapas
qui sponte suaque tulit
qui pro nobis\ se optulit
per vestem occineam
et per coronam spi\neam
per crucis patibulum
per cycatrices vul\nerum,
per aperturam lateris,
per rivum sanguinis\ sacri,
per sanctam eukaristiam,
et per baptismi graciam\
per sacramenta fidei
que corde credens didici
im\ploro te piissimam
matrem dei dignissimam
ut [in] [Ihesu]\ Christi passio
culparum sit remissio
eiusque resurrectio\
virtutum annunciacio. Amen.\

Hymn , Ave Maria mitis.

A hymn to the Virgin Mary. The author repeats the words of the annunciation (Luke, 1:28).

Ave Mariamitis et pia
gracia ple\

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