Folio 107v

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Salve sancta mater dei, continued.

Joyfully she brought her child back from Egypt to Galilee; having lived outside Judea, she eventually went there, leaving her people. Discovering that Christ was missing, she returned to Jerusalem and found him three days afterwards, deep in discussion in the temple; rejoicing, she brought him back, joyfully keeping him in her charge, he who was the king of kings. She beheld him, a shining figure performing miracles, revealing the glory of his divine nature, demonstrating the holiness of his life by exercising his power, by preaching the truth. She saw, with great sadness, Christ drenched with blood on the cross, but her grief was lessened because she believed that he suffered for the salvation of the world. She guides us towards salvation, a pillar of faith, in whom faith grew strong; as when a shepherd is struck down and his flock, inclined from fear to flight, still runs together in faith. Joyfully she saw Christ in triumph, plundering hell; she saw him restored after death to life, and rejoiced that such was her son. Joyfully she saw the evils of the world destroyed and her son taking his seat in heaven ...

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ens cum filio.

Salve gratulans infantem
ex\ Egypto remeantem
Galylee civibus.
Sic stans\ extra nunc <extra manens> Iudeam
tandem visitabit <visitasti> eam
veni\ens ex gentibus.

Salve Christum <Jesum> que latentem
re\peristi <recepisti> discerentem [discentem]
tridui post reditum.
Leta na\tum reduxisti
leta <gaudens> tecum tenuisti
regens [regem] regum\ subditum.

Salve cernens choruscantem
mi\ris factis et monstrantem
deitatis gloriam,
Ope\rando potestatem
predicando veritatem
vita [vite] sanc\timoniam.

Salve grandi cum dolore
Christum ma\tidum cruore
cernens in patibulo,
sed huic\ minus doluisti
quod hunc <tunc> pati credidisti
pro salvan\do seculo.

Salve salutis alumpna
salve fidei\ columpna
in qua fides floruit
cum percusso\ gregis <quando percusso> pastore
fuge datus est <grex dispersus prae> timore
et <dum> in fide\ corruit.

Salve Christum <Jesum> triumphantem
et in\fernum spoliantem
cognoscens cum gau\dio.
Et post mortem vite datum
vique <atque> [mire] suscita\tum
gaudio <gaudens> tali filio.

Salve virgo videns\ leta
mala mundi <hujus> post te leta <post deleta>
consedentem <ascendentem> fi\lium.
Supra solium celeste
concurrente <occurrente> tur\

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