Folio 3v - blank page

Folio 4r - blank page

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Blank page with pricking for design transfer. This page and f.4r were deliberately left blank and probably intended to be glued together. This would be to support f.4v which illustrates the monumental Christ in Majesty, weighty with gold leaf and seeping saturated colour onto f.4r. As a result, the pricking and seepage on f.3r do not damage the image on f.4v. If f.3v and 4r were intended to be glued together, this suggests the pricking took place soon after the Adam and Eve scene was complete. Between exactly the same images, Creation of Adam and Eve and Christ in Majesty, Ashmole also has blank pages, on f.7v and f.8r.


Blank page, with green seeping through from f.4v. This page and f.3v were intended to be glued together to prevent the pricking on f.3r from damaging f.4v. This leaf was also unsuitable for use because of the green seepage. See f.3v for further explanation of the blank pages.